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Health, Dental, Vision and Disability Insurance

Individuals and Families

We assist individuals and families in obtaining insurance. Call our office and with a few pieces of information, we can get you quotes so you can compare plans and rates. Once you decide on a plan, we will walk you through the application process. 

Small Businesses

At McGrew and Maher, we work with business owners to provide affordable benefit packages and assist with establishing and maintaining your plan. We can help with your health, dental, vision and disability insurance needs.

We help with every aspect:

-Quoting plans

-Meet with employees to explain benefits and assist them with applying for coverage

-Billing issues- have a problem with your invoice? Have an employee who doesn't understand a bill they received or an Explanation of Benefits? Contact us and we will help!

-Service Issues- lost your ID card? Need to find a new doctor? Have questions about how your plan works? Call us!

-Adding or terming employees- let us know and we will get you the rates for your new employee and any forms you need!


We love helping individuals through the Medicare Maze! Want to learn more about Medicare?

Medicare is health insurance for people age 65+ or under 65 with certain disabilities. Do you know when the general election period is? How about the Part B penalty for not signing up when first eligible? Do you have to sign up for Medicare if you are still working? Is your current plan considered creditable coverage? We can answer all these questions and more. We can guide you through the Medicare Maze by making it as EZ as 1-2-3!

1. Talk with Us
2. Enroll onto Medicare
3. Sign up for supplemental coverage

We can explain how Medicare works, how to enroll and what you should expect to pay when seeking services from routine office visits to hospital stays. Many of our clients find that they are happier on Medicare than they were on their prior coverage.